Saturday, September 3, 2011

Barn Project Phase II - New Roof

Lee visited home the third week of August to take care of farm business and see the kick off of the barn renovation. On Monday the 22nd the roofing crew arrived and went right to work. First order of business, remove the dormer that provided a means to fill the grain bins. That's right, they would open the door on the dormer and position a 60 ft conveyor belt outside that would move the grain from the wagons, up the conveyor, through the dormer door and drop it into the bins in the barn below. With the dormer gone that left no cut work. Just a straight run up one side and down the other. After a one day rain delay they were back on the job and actually finished in a record 3 work days. Oh, you weren't imagining things, I did say rain delay. I told Lee to bring it back to Texas with him but of course he didn't do what I asked him to.

See the before and after pictures below. Now that we have a fabulous new roof it makes the rest of the barn look kind of shabby. It's a work in progress. Phase III will be the interior with the outside to be Phase IV.

See the dormer in the picture above. Abra-Cadabra! No tricks, no mirrors! It's completely disappeared from the picture below!

Speaking of the barn exterior, I want to hear everybody's opinion. As you can see the original color was WHITE????? When it comes time to paint, I'm in favor of the traditional red. Won't it look awesome with the bronze roof? Lee is holding out for his sentimental favorite white. Your thoughts?

Stay tuned for more updates as our guy on the scene, Gary Schwarz, sends us more pictures.



  1. Oh my goodness, the roof looks beautiful. I'm so excited for you two. I think which ever color you choose, it will look wonderful. The white would look just as pretty with the bronze. I can't wait to see what's next.

    Love you,


  2. Gotta go with the traditional white.