Sunday, August 14, 2011

Brimfield - May 2O11 Better late than never, right?

A tea urn, a beautiful hat, antique candy jars and tiny drawers. What do all these things have in common? Read on and find out.

Carol, Dee, Amanda and I arrived in Brimfield for our annual pilgrimage to junktique heaven on Monday...a day early so we would have time to stock the fridge and hammer out a game plan for the week. This was Carol's happy dance the first night at bedtime.

This was our plan of action for the week.

1. Roll out of bed early every morning and be first on the scene for treasure hunting

2. See and buy as much cool stuff as possible

3. Be mindful of size constraints imposed by airlines (as you can see, that went right out the window on day 3). We're allowed 2 carry ons, right? That's supposed to be 2 carry ons, not 2 people carrying it on.

4. Sneak off for secret prezzie shopping

5. Eat as much fried dough and fair food as we want to (it's OK, we walked it off)

6. Laugh out loud at least 100 times a day

7. Find that one, elusive, can't go home without it treasure

We accomplished all of the above and so much more. Let's see, there was the trunk adventure, a trip to Cape Cod, Mike's Deli in Boston...I could go on and on.

See pictures below of the cool and crazy things we saw on the way to finding some of our most prized treasures.

I loved this little transfer ware saucer. It also had a tiny cutesy cup. Dang, I wrote the pattern down somewhere. It's too bad you can't just turn the picture over.


Every respectable Southern Belle needs something beautiful to serve ice cold sweet tea from while fanning themselves on the veranda on those sultry afternoons. Carol found hers in Mays Field.

Does this hat make my butt look big? Of course not Deedums. But it does match your eyes perfectly. She bought this early in the week but I think it is still one of her favorite finds.

Can't you just see gumdrops, jelly beans or peppermint sticks in these lovely jars? They will make a great addition to Amanda's candy bar!

Can you say "tiny drawers"? This was my, can't go home without it treasure this year. Long, long ago some lucky little girl had this miniature sterling treasure in her dollhouse. It's absolutely fabulous. The doors and drawers all open just like a full-size piece of furniture. Now it belongs to this grownup girl who loves it ever so much.

Keep checking in. I still have lots to share.

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  1. Thanks for posting about our trip. I'm ready to go back! Good stuff, good food, and great company. I think we all came home with something we treasure. Each other. Oh and some wonderful junk too.

    Love you,