Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cathedral Grove

The road between Tofino and Victoria is curvy, up and down, narrow and in some places you are literally hanging off the edge of the mountain.

The black line is the way the road looks on the map

The red line is the actual road. Need I say more? And this road was tame compared to the road to Whistler.

There's a very short stretch of straight road between Port Alberni and Nanaimo where you drive right through the center of an amazing grove of red woods. Cars line the highway on both sides as people are drawn out of their vehicles to see these magnificent trees just steps from the roadway.

This is a pic of the center 8" of a tree that was about 3 1/2 feet in diameter. That's a lot of rings. Can you imagine how many there were in the whole tree? One year for each ring, that's 100s of years. And it was a twig compared to some of the others!

This is the last encounter on our trip with these beautiful giants. I've dreamed of seeing them for so many years it's sad to say goodbye. But I'll always cherish the realization of a dream dreamed all those years ago by this then 12 year old girl.

More adventures ahead. I know I'm jumping around but I'm posting as the notion strikes me. Next, I'll have a small post about our trip to Brimfield. Carol covered most of it but I have a few cool pics to share.

So long till next time, Hillarie

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  1. Okay, I tried to count the rings on that bit of the trunk that you shared with us. I gave up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place with me. More, please.

    Love you,