Monday, August 1, 2011

Barn Project -Part 1 Is that a tractor in the kitchen?

Lee recently made the decision to have his big old barn back home fitted with a small living space. This could be a challenge to manage from 1500 miles away but with the cost of gas and accommodations and a big empty barn just sitting there, it seems like a no brainer. A footprint using about 40% of the available space was decided on an he put me to work on drawing a very simple floor plan.

We suspected the roof needed replacing and developed a plan for that. Then we contacted and met with a contractor about the living space. He agreed it was doable and started working on a bid based on my primitive little plan.

Original roof plan fell through - now what? Contractor to the rescue!! Donnie said his company could take care of the roofing as well and won't it be better for one firm to take care of everything.

View looking from back to front of the barn interior and yes that is a tractor sitting in the space designated for the kitchen. The fact that there is a little clean up needed goes without saying.

Progress is very slow. We're still waiting for them to start on the roof. Keep watching for updates. Wish us luck.

H & L


  1. What a dream of a project. When it's all finished, just imagine what a treasure to have to spend the days relaxing in. Surely you'll be putting that sweet red chair on a porch or under some wonderful old tree. It's beautiful. I'm excited to hear more as it blossoms.

    Love you,


  2. A project only 2 hours from me, and I am the last to know? Well, good luck, hope there are no more speedbumps. Of course, I am sure that you can figure out something to do with the tractor in the kitchen. Maybe a nice centerpiece?